Service Products and Support

We’ve got you covered.

Essential to the ongoing functionality and reliability of your EV charging stations are three key functions that must all be performed expertly and professionally:

  • Site Qualification
  • Site Preparation
  • Installation

As a ChargePoint Operations and Maintenance Partner (O&M), Foreseeson Technology is contractually and uniquely qualified to provide these services for you. In addition, Foreseeson is equally qualified to provide any warranty services.

Working in conjunction with you and ChargePoint, we will ensure that your warranty needs are covered based on your Assure Warranty coverage policy. Foreseeson will co-ordinate and arrange the logistical services for any parts replacement and installation. We do the work, so you don’t have to.

Assure Warranty

ChargePoint Assure is a full service maintenance and support program providing the following coverage to ChargePoint and Foreseeson customers:

  • Ensure that all parts are provided and labour is performed, on-site if necessary, to correct any defect in materials or workmanship of ChargePoint charging stations purchased from Foreseeson Technology in a prompt, professional manner.
  • Provide remote, automated monitoring of your Charging Stations.
  • Perform triage with respect to any Charging Station that may be defective.
  • Coordinate all repairs necessary to have your Charging Station back up and running.
  • Ensure you get a response no later than one business day from date ChargePoint becomes aware of an issue.
  • Begin onsite repairs within one business day from delivery of any parts required to fix your charge station.
  • ChargePoint will provide software updates over the air at no additional cost.
  • ChargePoint guarantees 98% annual station uptime with a prorated refund of up to the annual station Assure maintenance fee for outages caused by station hardware or software failures in excess of 2% annually.
  • ChargePoint will provide standard monthly summary and quarterly detailed station usage and performance metrics.
  • ChargePoint will cover the labour portion of non-cosmetic station repairs caused by vandalism, auto accidents or excessive wear and tear.

With ChargePoint Assure and Foreseeson Technology’s O&M qualifications, you’ll have peace-of-mind that you and your Charging Stations are well looked after.

ChargePoint Service Products

Everything you need to make EV charging a success for your business.

ChargePoint, the company that developed the largest and most open EV charging network in the world, now also provides best-in-class services to help you at all stages of implementing an EV charging solution that is right for your business. Backing up these service products is the largest and most experienced support team in the industry.

ChargePoint Assure

High quality service and support starts with high quality products, site preparation and installation. Even though ChargePoint® charging stations are the most advanced and reliable in the world, site conditions, utilization, accidents and sometimes even equipment failures can cause unanticipated costs and efforts to resolve. For these reasons, ChargePoint has developed and offers the best warranty in the industry. Each ChargePoint station comes with 1 year of ChargePoint Assure coverage—the industry’s first and most comprehensive Parts and On-Site Labor warranty at no extra cost.

To keep your stations online and to ensure an enjoyable experience for both the driver as well as the station owner, we go beyond the typical warranty break fix features. We’ve included station management, station performance metrics reporting and unlimited software configuration changes at no additional cost. We back our performance with a Service Level response time commitment and a 98% annual station uptime commitment. We even cover labor costs for items typically excluded from most warranties like vandalism, abuse and accidents.

Ongoing station management service is a key part of Assure. The annual Cloud Services Subscription is required for all ChargePoint stations and gives you, the station owner, access to a rich set of data and analytic tools to monitor the usage of your charging stations, identify problems, and assess how well your stations are meeting your business goals. You can easily add new stations, and design and modify your station policies, however with Assure, you may request these changes be performed on your behalf by our expert staff.

With the station management service from ChargePoint Assure, you can request the day-to-day management of your stations be performed by the ChargePoint team for hands-off management.

That’s a full year of no worry support. If a station fails due to a manufacturing defect we roll our service team to repair or replace that product on site.

Want more years of worry free support? Purchase 1 to 4 additional years of ChargePoint Assure coverage for as little as 10% of list price per year.

Key benefits of ChargePoint Assure:
  • Unlimited software configuration changes
  • 98% annual uptime guarantee with non-performance penalty
  • 1 business day response time to station failures or 1 business day from Parts arrival when required
  • Monthly summary reports and detailed quarterly reports of your station’s performance metrics
  • Proactive station monitoring and dispatch
  • Labor coverage for station equipment issues typically not covered by warranty such as vandalism, abuse and accidents caused by reckless drivers or snow plows

Note: A successful Site Validation is required to enable your first year ChargePoint Assure coverage. Without a successful Site Validation your stations will be covered by our standard Parts- Only exchange warranty.