ChargePoint® Home Charger

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ChargePoint Home Flex

Flexible Amperage Home Charger (Up to 50 Amps)
  • Fast: Up to 9X faster than a standard 110V outlet, delivering up to 37 miles of electric driving Range Per Hour of charging.
  • Flexible and Future-Proof: Select the right amperage and charging speed for you, your home and your EV, from 16 to 50 amps. Save money on electrical upgrades by picking the top charging speed that works with your current setup, while allowing for faster charging in the future. Any electrician can install Flex.
  • Compatible with Every EV: Universal J1772™ connector charges any EV on the road. Tested with vehicles from all major automakers.
  • Smart and Connected: Get the latest software upgrades over WiFi. Use the ChargePoint app to schedule charging, set reminders, track all of your home and public charging, and more. Plus, ask Alexa to start a charge or tell you how many miles of range you’ve added this month.
  • Safe, Reliable and Efficient: UL listed and tested to the highest standards for electrical safety. ENERGY STAR certified for energy efficiency. Backed by a 3-year warranty and 24/7 customer support — call us anytime.
  • Thoughtfully Designed: Home Flex combines speed and convenience in a compact, sleek design with a footprint smaller than a piece of paper. Use the cable rest at the top of the station to keep the cable clean and your garage or driveway tidy. The LED light shows your charging status.

Download Home Flex – Introduct

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Home Charger that packs Power and Speed

ChargePoint® Home Residential EV Charger

ChargePoint® Home provides you with the convenience of charging your EV from the comfort of your home. The small footprint design adds elegance and luxury, making it the ideal home charger while providing commercial grade Level 2 charging right in your garage. With the WiFi connectivity, users are able to use the ChargePoint mobile app to schedule and track the charging cycle from your smartphone.

You can stay hassle and worry-free, as our team of specialized electricians offer a multitude of services and can install your Home Charger; having it up and running in no time.

Fast and Easy

Up to 6x faster than a standard 110V outlet, while delivering up to 40 kilometres of Range Per Hour (RPH). With a standard J1772™ connector, you can charge any EV on the road today. Installation is simple with a video, guide and electricians’ tip sheet. However, it is recommended that you arrange the installation with one of our certified electrician at Foreseeson.


Home is now compatible with most of all of the IoT devices, such the Amazon Alexa. ChargePoint EV Home Charger is the perfect solutions for anyone looking to integrate their charger along with other smart devices into a single, seamless home automation experience.


Stay connected with the integrated wireless feature that comes standard on all EV Home Charger models. Ability to connect to all smartphones for ease of monitoring and managing scheduled charges to reduce cost of energy and to keep track of electrical usage. With the ChargePoint app for iOS and Android, you will have full control of your EV Home Charger in the palm of your hands.

Safe and Reliable

UL listed, Home meets stringent national safety standards, giving you peace-of-mind. It is the first charger tested and proven to be Energy Star rated. Moreover, Home is backed by a 3-year warranty.


At just 11.2” x 7”, its compact design and small footprint, the Home will use very little space in your garage, while providing charging power and speed.

Learn more about Home including how it works, which station is right for you, how to install it, answers to FAQs and more at chargepoint.com/home.

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