EV Chargers & Installation Partnership Program

It will be adjusted on a yearly basis. The site owner will be informed on revenue status on a monthly basis.

In the event of the charger breaking down,  these days (the number of days loss of use) revenue will be deducted from the total monthly income.

The net profit will be calculated based on the General Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

The minimum revenue will be calculated per site.

We will offer a buy-out option. After the fifth (5th) anniversary of the effective date, the owner has the right to buy-out the EV chargers on the subsequent anniversary of the effective date. Please contact our team for more information.

To exercise its buy-out option, the Client is required to provide a 60-day advance notice by submitting a signed and fully completed buy-out option exercise notice. 

The new site owner will be bounded by the same terms and conditions. If the new site owner wants to remove the chargers, they will bear the cost of relocation that will be agreed upon.