ChargePoint® Express Family

The Future of DC Fast Charging

The ChargePoint Express 250 family is designed to meet the fast charging needs of today's and tomorrow’s electric vehicles.

ChargePoint Express 250 is based on industry-leading DC fast charging technology, engineered to fast charge current and next-generation electric cars, buses and trucks. Each station is equipped with two Power Modules that deliver up to 62.5 kW to a vehicle. The station supports legacy and future battery packs from 200V to 1,000V. High-efficiency power conversion (more than 96% efficiency) reduces electricity costs and wasted energy.

Stations can be equipped with up to two different connector types and an elegant cable management system keeps charging cable off the ground. Ergonomic, user-friendly design delights drivers and makes it easy and safe to charge. A 254 mm (10 in) LCD touchscreen lets drivers interact with instructions, information or promotions. A 508 mm (20 in) wide-format LED display notifies drivers of station availability and status. Integrated area lighting creates a safe and comfortable environment for drivers. The ChargePoint mobile app and in-dash systems tie everything together: drivers can locate stations, get in line to charge at busy stations, instantly start charging, see their charging status and track their activity over time.

Built-in cellular networking enables remote management of the station, while ChargePoint Cloud Services make it simple for station owners to customize charging stations to meet their specific requirements. Advanced features manage energy costs, support sophisticated pricing models, control who can access stations and more. Reports offer detailed information about station utilization and energy use, making it simple to plan for ongoing investments and growth. Automatic software upgrades ensure the latest features are always available to drivers and station managers.

Fault-tolerant design, instrumentation for remote monitoring and intelligent diagnostics allow the world-class ChargePoint support team to provide proactive alerts to prevent station outages and eliminate driver frustration.

When Charging is Mission Critical, Protect Your Investment with ChargePoint Assure

Minimize downtime: ChargePoint Assure provides the most comprehensive EV Station maintenance and management in the industry

Get up and running quickly and flawlessly: Professional guidance for station configuration saves you time, and unlimited changes to station policies flexibly supports your business

Eliminate unexpected future expenses: Cost for parts and on-site labor to install is covered for all Assure eligible repairs

One less thing to worry about: Proactive station monitoring provides you with regular reporting

Reduced risk of downtime: We guarantee 98% annual uptime and one business day response to requests

Support when you need it: We’re there for you and your drivers. Phone support available for station owners Monday to Friday from 5 AM to 6 PM Pacific. Phone support for drivers is 24/7/365, so you never need to field a driver call

Mobile and In-Dash Integration

Real-time availability of stations on the network

Drivers can get in line to use busy charging spots

Typical wait times help drivers determine the most convenient time to charge

Charging status updates by the second with configurable desired state of charge

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